Welcome to Slow it Grows!

I’m the sort who’s always been a bit impatient with a tendency to want things to be done now. Yet, over time I’ve grown to appreciate the virtues of slowness and that much of the fulfillment derived from achieving anything is enjoying the process. Apart from my professional life, in my spare time I have spent years gardening, cooking, and reading. I have observed that vegetables really do grow better when the bed is well prepared and well tended and that a garden looks and performs better when it is well planned. By now, I could cook without recipes, but I haven’t found a cookbook I don’t like and I am inspired by them and enjoy using them as a reference even when I am making an old family recipe. I’ve also found that any book is so much better when it is read rather than skimmed or sitting idle on a night table. That is what I mean by Slow it Grows. It’s about living with attention to and respect for detail. I hope you’ll join me on my journey as I explore gardening, cooking, travel, books and anything else that strikes my fancy.